Other Dates to REMEMBER!!

Hello Again…..

These are other FUN EVENTS you will want to know WHEN they will take place………..

Halloween Dance – Saturday, Oct. 26th – 6-11 pm

Annual Variety Show – Friday, Dec. 6th – 4-10 pm

Homecoming Dance – February, To Be Announced

Spring Festival – Friday, March 21st – 2:45 – 6 pm

Write it in your Organizers!!!!!!

Freshmen Social

This Friday the Freshmen Class is invited to a Social taking place on the 5th floor Veranda. (weather permitting)

The entrance is by the library (501).

Come meet your fellow freshmen

We will have free food, games and prizes.

Performances by the Fashion Step Team


Fashions Cheer Team

  Its a time for freshmen to get to know each other


be welcomed to their New School!

It starts at the end of 8th period, if your program ends 8th – COME ON OVER

If you end after 9th period – COME ON DOWN

The Fashionable Times

If there is one thing you should learn is that COMMUNICATION is extremely important. When you are always informed, the choices you make are better.

At Fashion we have a weekly publication called The Fashionable Times.

Hey New York has the New York Times and we have The FASHIONABLE Times, and its aim is to let our partners, students and parents, know whats going on.

This weeks publication contains information such as:

  • Parents Association Meeting Dates
  • IMPORTANT TEST DATES – This Thursday the 18th and Friday the 19th
  • Lunch Applications
  • Vocabulary Terms of the Day
  • Daily Bell Schedules
  • Curriculum Updates
  • Jupiter Grades
  • School Fairs
  • New Health Center Update

Make sure to read it Weekly. You can access it through the schools website!

Our Results from the NYC School Survey

A message from our Chancellor best explains what this survey is about:

Dear Members of the School Community,
This report tells you what parents, teachers, and
students said about learning conditions at your school in
our annual survey. This information is designed to
support a dialogue among all members of the school
community on how to make the school a better place for
Taking the time to reflect on how well we serve children
is an important step in improving our schools. I
encourage schools to plan opportunities to discuss these
survey results with the school community, and integrate
this feedback into preparation for the school’s
Comprehensive Education Plan and Quality Review.

Dennis M. Walcott


If you would like to participate in the next survey, please MAKE SURE WE HAVE A WORKING EMAIL where we can send the link. We welcome and value your input.

The first Day of the Next Four Years….

So how was it?

How was the first day of the next four years?

Was it all you expected to be? Or did it fall short of your expectations?

Did you like the Pep Rally? Did seeing the Cheer Team or Step Team in action motivate you to join a team or club? Did Student Government inspire you to become a part of a group?

I hope there are more Yeses than No’s to these questions..

Last night I went out with the girl I became best friends with at Fashion over 20 years ago. We met in our fashion class and lived in the same block and at times would leave together in the morning and come back home together after school. It’s amazing to me how I still have a friend I met in high school and no matter how our lives have turned out, we never did stay out of touch.

In those years, when I was a teen,  I saw a movie about four friends in their teens, ‘Stand by Me’. There was one line in the movie that I never forgot ‘Friends come in and out of our lives, like busboys in a restaurant. But I never had any friends later on like those.’

It speaks of the kind of friends you make in these years. You will never make friends like the ones you can make now. You are at a stage where you are getting to know yourself and the people you surround yourself with can be more influential than you realize. They can either bring out the best in you or not. They could mirror things about yourself that you don’t like and persuade you to change or inspire you to be better people. And all of this is possible because deep down you still possess innocence. And you see things differently than adults, you have that thing called ‘hope’; that thing some adults have lost or have given up.

It’s hope that allows you to forgive your friend when they wrong you. It’s hope that let’s you see the positive side of things and believe its gonna be better tomorrow, even if its difficult to believe. It’s hope that keeps you going.

Its harder for us oldster’s because we are set in our ways and not as malleable as you. And because of all of our responsibilities we really don’t have time to invest in getting to know someone as we once did when we were your age, so count yourself lucky..

Take this time, the next four years, to get to know who you are and allow the friends you ‘choose’, to be people that will Love and Support you for that sole reason.

Official Period Class List AVAILABLE!!

Hello Guys!

Sorry about the great inconvenience NOT HAVING your OP Class in hand has caused

I know it has added to your anxiety and we apologize for that


We want nothing but a smooth transition into your New School

We know that entering a new school as BIG as ours may be new to some of you

and knowing WHERE to GO as soon as you come in will be better than looking it UP on a WALL

Therefore if you haven’t received your OP Class number

Here is the List available to you through the following Link