The First Day of School – Part II

So I’ve been getting some emails….. and many of the questions I’ve been receiving can be answered by reading the blog – The First Day of School….

so what do you think I should do? when you keep asking your parent the same question over and over, what do they do?  I wont ignore you, although that’s what I SHOULD DO, I won’t. It is rude and good manners are as necessary as Oxygen! Therefore I will redirect you to Blog I

Blog II – Part II

It has come to my attention that many of you may NOT know what a school day is like in high school. Many of you may but for the ones that don’t, this is for you.

Maybe you went to a middle school where you stayed in the same classroom all day and didn’t move from class to class as much. Or maybe you went to a catholic school or private school that didn’t have a bell schedule… There are so many maybes

My maybe? I went to a catholic middle school that also had a high school in it AND it was in my grandmothers country!

  • All classes were in Spanish  (my sister was the ONLY person I spoke English with) 
  • The school was run by nuns
  • We had to wear uniforms
  • We assembled in rows in the yard by class every morning and sang the national anthem
  • As we entered the building by class, the director of the school would check each student to make sure the uniform was clean and our personal hygiene was up to code : neat hairdo – clean face and nails – clean shoes
  • We stayed in the SAME ROOM ALL DAY! We only went outside for lunch

YES! THIS WAS MY MIDDLE SCHOOL EXPERIENCE! and to tell you the truth, as kids we weren’t distracted as much when it came to our studies. We were pretty much focused on what it was the teachers expected from us.

Then all of that changed in High School because I moved back to New York City and everything was so different.

Depending on the school you go to, the time within the school day can be divided differently. The school day is divided into periods.

At Fashion these class periods are generally 45 minutes each depending on the Bell Schedule of the day, it can vary. This Monday will be a Regular Bell Schedule and REMEMBER – AFTER OP ALL FRESHMEN ARE INVITED DOWN TO THE 3RD FLOOR GYM FOR A PEP RALLY!!!

After the Pep Rally you will be advised what period you will be in and you will head to the class ACCORDING TO YOUR PERSONAL PROGRAM CARD! DO NOT LOSE YOUR PROGRAM CARD, It also serves as your Entrance Pass to the 4th Floor Cafeteria, when you have lunch. 


Example – Room 221 is on the 2nd floor – Room 919 is on the 9th floor

Your Schedule could start 1st period (8:10 a.m.) or 2nd period (8:59 a.m.) and it could end 8th period, which ends at 2:47 p.m. or 9th period, which ends at 3:37 p.m. Your Schedules will vary from semester to semester throughout your four years and depending on whether or not you fail classes and will have to make the class up the next semester. SO PASS THEM THE FIRST TIME AROUND!

You will not have to attend OP every day. Official Period Class is scheduled when IMPORTANT INFORMATION HAS TO BE GIVEN OUT TO THE STUDENTS like Report Cards and Testing Information, etc (You will be informed ahead of time when OP is scheduled)

Every First Monday of the Month has a DIFFERENT BELL SCHEDULE – Look at the Bell schedule link above. The day is shorter and you leave a lot earlier in the afternoon. This serves as meeting time for teachers after school. You leave, we stay!

Even if it is called a ‘Bell’ schedule, it isn’t an actual bell that announces the end or beginning of a period. At Fashion the bell has been replaced by music. Music is played over the loud speakers to let you know the period has ended and you can proceed to your next class. COOL HUH??!!

As new students you will be given ID’s and email addresses as well. You will also receive usernames that will allow you to log on to the many laptops and PC’s available within the school. (Information will be given about the ID’s in your OP)

Also, if you are scheduled for GYM this semester, you are REQUIRED to purchase a GYM UNIFORM – School Tee and School Sweatpants or School Gymshorts – These items can be purchased at the school store located on the 1st floor. You are not required to have them the first day of class, therefore ask your gym teacher for the prices of each item or simply pass by the school store on your lunch period and become acquainted as well as inquire about the prices!! GET TO KNOW YOUR SCHOOL!!!

One last thing…. PUNCTUALITY!!!! PUNCTUALITY!!!! PUNCTUALITY!!!! It is so important!

Question – If you have to be somewhere at 8 a.m., what time do you wake up and leave your home, if it takes you 35 minutes to get there?

A. 7:00 a.m. – B. 7:25 a.m. – C. 6:30 a.m.

Hmmmm….. 7:25 a.m. ? Mathematically You are right but realistically you’re SO WRONG!!!!

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?  –  How far away from the train or bus are you? –  Are the trains or buses running regularly?  –  Do you stop and get something to eat or drink on the way?  –   Do you have to take your little sister or brother to THEIR school?  –   Is it raining, causing you to rethink what you’re gonna wear?  –  Do you need to go to your locker BEFORE class when you enter the building?


Remember as you begin to grow and mature, your responsibilities will also increase and being on time will be expected of you in order to be successful at anything positive you put your energy into. It is one habit that will take you far AND will be appreciated and rewarded by your teachers and then future employers.





10 thoughts on “The First Day of School – Part II

      • Good Afternoon Ms. Estren, due to the high number of parents going through the same difficulty, we have decided to post it via the blog, making it simple to have at hand before coming to school.
        Thank you for your time Ms. Estren and forgive the inconvenience.

  1. Hello Ms.Chavez, i love your blog. I also wanted to tell you that my daughter Andrea Castillo has not yet received a post card with her homeroom class. So will she be able to get it on the first day of school or can you send it to me?

    • Good Afternoon Ms. Castillo,
      Thank you for taking the time to read my messages to our new incoming students. I hope it helps Andrea in her journey. As mentioned in the blog, the OP’s will be posted in the Lobby by student name, therefore she can look it up once she enters. I took the time to do it for you guys and it is 3W9. With this info she can find out what room to report to by looking at the list or clicking on the link in the blog.
      Hope to see her soon!

  2. Hello ms Chavez,
    I’m emailing you because I believed daughter is in the wrong class. Her OSIS from JHS is 207836503 and the one on her HSFI is 207710153. Which class is she suppose to be in? She just noticed that the numbers aren’t the same.

    • Ms. Martinez! Thank you for your vigilance! Please have Emily come down to room 201 as soon as she comes in to school. I will bring this to Ms. Silva, our Director of Admissions attention. All students still have to go through permanent programming therefore no harm has been done. Thank you again!

  3. my daughter Raquel Nunez loved her 1st day at school! She is so excited and already joined the anime club! She tells me that she has already made friends,attended Freshman social, and likes all of her classes.thank you all for making this wonderful effort to make the incoming students feel welcome!

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