Jupiter is not just a PLANET..

Its where you can keep track of your grades!!

The first time I had a job, at 14, I tried to do my best at everything. I thought I was doing fine until I was told I wasn’t needed anymore!

‘OMG!! WHAT??!! But I thought I was doing good!!’ Was what I kept telling myself until I spoke to an old workmate. He told me that the reason why I was fired was because even though I THOUGHT I was doing good, I actually wasn’t and my boss was too busy to let me know and eventually just had to ‘let me go’. I was so upset! WHY COULDN’T THE BOSS JUST TELL ME!!

I couldn’t leave it alone and went back to see my boss to speak to her. Dr. Shuman sat me down and explained to me, “Ms. Chavez the truth is that this place is really busy and aside from you there are many other employees. I cant stop my busy schedule to reexplain your duties. We trained you and expected you to do your job. Even if you THINK you are doing it right, why didn’t you check in once in a while with your supervisor to CONFIRM that you were doing it the right way? You never did and we as a team fell behind with our patients.”

The reality was that it was MY RESPONSIBILITY to find out and make sure that I was doing my job the right way. And because I never took the time to ‘check-in’ with my superiors, I ended up without a job! ARGH!!! NEVER AGAIN!! From that moment on I swore that I would always take the time to talk to my boss or bosses and make sure that I was an ‘A’ employee


Where do think I’m taking you with this?…… If you’re thinking your grades, you’re so right!!

Darn you guys are smart!… I believed that when I became a teacher I would have the time to let all of my students know how they were doing, and boy was I wrong!!

The truth is that all of us teachers have about 28-30 students per class and we teach 5 periods a day! Do the math, how many kids is that? 140-150 DIFFERENT STUDENTS A DAY!! Then you wonder why some teachers DON’T REMEMBER YOUR NAME?!

So my strategy was, when I have a classroom I am going to POST students grades on a bulletin board where they can see it every day. And for the first three years of my teaching, I did.

‘But Ms. Chavez, what if I have a bad grade? I don’t want everyone seeing it!’


I wouldn’t Post EXAM or QUIZ Grades just regular classwork, and it served as a reminder of what you handed in and what you were missing. It also served as a motivator. Many students found themselves competing with each other to GET THAT A!! I actually liked that students were always informed and could never use the ‘I DIDN’T KNOW’ as an excuse. It took extra time to always update the board but I did and now THAT IS ALL OVER!

Today there is JUPITER GRADES

Jupitergrades.com is the most awesome online grading system ever! There are others of course but I find this one to be the right fit. We as teachers have the option to enter EVERYTHING that concerns students education online, making it easier for you to track your grades. As well as your parents!

‘But Ms. Chavez, what if I have a bad grade? I don’t want THEM seeing it!’


Just as I learned that I must ‘check-in’ once in a while in order to MAINTAIN my job, I urge all of my students to ‘check-in’ on their grades, via Jupiter Grades in order to MAINTAIN an ‘A’

In order to access Jupiter Grades, you will need your OSIS number, which is your 9 digit ID number that follows you all through your 12 years of Public School. If you do not have it, it will be printed on the Picture I.D. Card you will receive and you will also need a Password. A random one will be given to you at first, which then you must change.




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