The first Day of the Next Four Years….

So how was it?

How was the first day of the next four years?

Was it all you expected to be? Or did it fall short of your expectations?

Did you like the Pep Rally? Did seeing the Cheer Team or Step Team in action motivate you to join a team or club? Did Student Government inspire you to become a part of a group?

I hope there are more Yeses than No’s to these questions..

Last night I went out with the girl I became best friends with at Fashion over 20 years ago. We met in our fashion class and lived in the same block and at times would leave together in the morning and come back home together after school. It’s amazing to me how I still have a friend I met in high school and no matter how our lives have turned out, we never did stay out of touch.

In those years, when I was a teen,  I saw a movie about four friends in their teens, ‘Stand by Me’. There was one line in the movie that I never forgot ‘Friends come in and out of our lives, like busboys in a restaurant. But I never had any friends later on like those.’

It speaks of the kind of friends you make in these years. You will never make friends like the ones you can make now. You are at a stage where you are getting to know yourself and the people you surround yourself with can be more influential than you realize. They can either bring out the best in you or not. They could mirror things about yourself that you don’t like and persuade you to change or inspire you to be better people. And all of this is possible because deep down you still possess innocence. And you see things differently than adults, you have that thing called ‘hope’; that thing some adults have lost or have given up.

It’s hope that allows you to forgive your friend when they wrong you. It’s hope that let’s you see the positive side of things and believe its gonna be better tomorrow, even if its difficult to believe. It’s hope that keeps you going.

Its harder for us oldster’s because we are set in our ways and not as malleable as you. And because of all of our responsibilities we really don’t have time to invest in getting to know someone as we once did when we were your age, so count yourself lucky..

Take this time, the next four years, to get to know who you are and allow the friends you ‘choose’, to be people that will Love and Support you for that sole reason.

4 thoughts on “The first Day of the Next Four Years….

  1. I would like to the join the bowling team, but I’m not sure where to sign up and tryout. And I know the first match is on the 23rd, so I really want to know soon

    • Hello Justine!
      Thank you for your interest. I’m truly proud of your request! I can inform you that Ms. Sostre is the Assistant Principal of the Physical Education and Health Dept. and she is the best person to direct your inquiry to. She’s in 301, found within the gym. If you’re lost, it’s best to ask your current gym teacher OR you can ask Ms. Gibson, Coordinator of Student Activities rm. 829. She can inform you of the Club fair that will happen soon which will inform students of the possible clubs and after school activities available to students.
      Hope this helped!

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