Studying Abroad – A MUST..

I have been blessed in my life. Even if I don’t have a lot, I have experienced a lot.

I have always said that there is a reason and a purpose for every thing you do and everyone you meet in your life.

When I had the opportunity to study abroad in college, I didn’t look at it as ‘I can’t because I don’t have money’, instead I thought of it as ‘This will get done, it’s just figuring out HOW’. That was the kind of thinking I was taught to have. To always think of the ways it can get done instead of the reasons why it WILL NOT happen.

Along on the ride was my friend Dionne, who was studying with me at FIT and actually graduated from Fashion High the same year as I. She wasn’t sure about going, and I thought her crazy to pass up an opportunity such as that one. I told her ‘Di, you will become a more coveted candidate when you apply for a job!’ When an employer of a company sits with you for an interview, the fact that you studied abroad makes a grand statement about you:

  • Your willingness to be open to other cultures teaches adaptability and assimilation
  • Your ability to travel independently makes a statement towards your level of maturity and responsibility
  • The knowledge you can acquire about another country and its people can serve you and your potential employer
  • And so much more that I want you to Discover on your OWN

Dionne came with me and this is her 9th year at Victoria Secret!

My journey led me to meet so many interesting people, some that I still to this day have in my life. One of them is Gaia. She is a free-spirit, strong, unrelenting and very assertive young woman that I immediately befriended and after 5 short years in Florence still kept in contact with.

Now Gaia happens to have as an aunt, a very amazing lady named Gabriella. As strong, as free-spirited and as unrelenting about education. This is where I immediately loved her.

It turns out that Gabriella founded this amazing school in Florence – Florence University of the Arts  and today they came to our school, the High School of Fashion Industries.

They hosted a leather workshop for our students and staff and introduced one of the many beautiful things Florence is known for – Leather. Students were able to make beautifully simple iPad cases out of soft nappa leather.

Working with Leather workshop3

And after they had the chance to enjoy one of the other amazing things Florence is known for – their Food!

foodI caketop

Students had an amazing time and I really hope that some of them really make Studying Abroad a Reality and not just a Dream..

Taking on the brilliant opportunity to study anywhere else in the world (New York City is also a very coveted location to study in, therefore consider yourselves very lucky) is a chance to brighten your future with a great career, great learning experiences and great friends. Thank you to my Stars Above for friends like Dionne, Gaia and now Gabriella..


Thank you to the amazing Culinary Team at Florence University of the Arts – APICIUS – International School of Hospitality

culinaryteamIII For more pictures, Go to the Gallery Page!!




Club FAIR! Club FAIR! Club FAIR!


The Club Fair is on TUESDAY, October 8th!!!

4th-5th-6th and 7th PERIODS!!

In room 829 – Student Lounge

You must go on your LUNCH PERIOD – Your pass will be your Program Card

Come see and inform yourself about ALL OF OUR EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES 

your School has to offer!!!

Remember that joining and becoming a part of a Team 

is an important part of a successful High School Career

that ALL Universities and Colleges will be expecting

What IS the Common Core??

High School isn’t what it use to be…

I can definitely say that it’s harder NOW than it was when I was sitting in your seats


So What to do?? What is it that’s going on??

What is this COMMON CORE STANDARD that everyone is talking about left and right?

Its the raising of the educational standards across our country to prepare you to succeed in College. It has been found that it is easier to get into college than to STAY in college. Truth of the matter is that when students realize the rigorous work that is demanded from college life, many are discouraged and dropout and that is THE LAST THING we want for you!! You went through ALL of that hard work to give up?

So what to do? PREPARE you for COLLEGE!! Give you the TOOLS you need to not only receive that acceptance letter but to see your college years ALL THE WAY through to the END!

It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to require SO MUCH from you: 

  • A DESIRE to achieve MORE than your predecessors 
  • Never settling for a ‘B’ or ‘that’s enough’
  • A willingness to DO MORE NOWdon’t wait for your last year of school to join clubs or teams!!
  • A CONSTANT, UNRELENTING attitude of success

Trust that you have what it takes!!

Making the Grade..


As First Year High School students you will soon find out that your grades will be earned differently than in Middle School.

Factors such as Punctuality and Attendance are BIG factors that can make a BIG difference between a mediocre grade and an outstanding grade!  LETS FACE IT, Its impossible to earn an A if you’re NOT in school!

You will receive more than 1 report card and there is also Parent Teacher night!!!

Click on the image to see the breakdown for this semesters report cards

The dates for that wonderful/horrific event (depending on your grades) is

Thursday, October 24th 5:30 – 8:00 pm

AND Friday, October 25th 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Free! Free! Free! Fair for Teens

Hello My dear freshmen!!

Wanted to update you on a upcoming event that is AWESOME!!

Capital A – W – E – S – O – M – E

and there will be FREE fooooooood!!!

Food is a big motivator for me BUT aside from this, there will be MORE GREATER THINGS at this fair

Professionals from all parts of the Industry


Graphic Designers



Product Designers

You name it, they will be there – and all to give you advice about the field and share their experiences!




Art Institute



YOU MUST REGISTER TO GO (no registration no entrance) and have PARENTAL CONSENT

You can obtain a PARENTAL CONSENT FORM through me in room 727

Have your parents sign and bring it back to me!!!


Its Tuesday, October 15th

4-6 pm at the Parsons School of Design

I will be going myself, so you can come with me or on your own!!