What IS the Common Core??

High School isn’t what it use to be…

I can definitely say that it’s harder NOW than it was when I was sitting in your seats


So What to do?? What is it that’s going on??

What is this COMMON CORE STANDARD that everyone is talking about left and right?

Its the raising of the educational standards across our country to prepare you to succeed in College. It has been found that it is easier to get into college than to STAY in college. Truth of the matter is that when students realize the rigorous work that is demanded from college life, many are discouraged and dropout and that is THE LAST THING we want for you!! You went through ALL of that hard work to give up?

So what to do? PREPARE you for COLLEGE!! Give you the TOOLS you need to not only receive that acceptance letter but to see your college years ALL THE WAY through to the END!

It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to require SO MUCH from you: 

  • A DESIRE to achieve MORE than your predecessors 
  • Never settling for a ‘B’ or ‘that’s enough’
  • A willingness to DO MORE NOWdon’t wait for your last year of school to join clubs or teams!!
  • A CONSTANT, UNRELENTING attitude of success

Trust that you have what it takes!!

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