How to Determine Your Ideal Skirt Length



Skirt lengths for Fall 2010 are all over the map, with longer styles making a strong comeback.  A lot has changed since Harper’s Bazar published this chart in 1868, not withstanding the puzzling granny boot comeback for Fall 2010.  Trouble is, without arbitrary age-based rules, how does one figure out which skirt length works best?

I’ve always loved the romance  of the calf-length skirts Marc Jacbs showed.  They have film-noir-darling-I’m-late-for-my-train up the wahzoo.  I’ve loved them from afar, that is: on me they scream school-marm-fuddy-duddy.

Even the right at the knee length, as interpreted in Victoria Beckham’s collection, can look dowdy on me – at least  without towering heels.

Well, apparently there’s a formula to figuring out the most flattering length.

You’ll need two measurements: from your hipbone straight down the outside of your leg to the middle of your kneecap, and from the middle of your kneecap (outside edge)…

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