New Year – New issues of Our Fashionable Times

Good Day All!

We start a new school year

and as always, Our Fashionable Times is up and running.

It is our great Principal Blank’s initiative

of keeping parents informed of what is going on in our school.

Read all about it!

Jupiter Grades

Grading Policy

Important Contact Information

and most Important (drum roll……………..)

Vocabulary Term of the Day

Expanding our students vocabulary has been our mission.

Studies have shown ‘On average, children from families on welfare were provided half as much experience as children from working class families, and less than a third of the experience given to children from high-income families. In other words, children from families on welfare heard about 616 words per hour, while those from working class families heard around 1,251 words per hour, and those from professional families heard roughly 2,153 words per hour. Thus, children from better financial circumstances had far more language exposure to draw from.’

We want SUCCESS for all of our students – Falcons S.O.A.R.R