Etiquette when Online

A culture whose aim is civilized behavior must have a standardized procedure for social relationships… The “order” of a free society .. is created from logic with a dash of cooperative spirit. We should strive to be virtuous… Etiquette. They are the backbone of civilization.

Even Hand – Long Live the Republic by Boyd White      pg. 27

And today this ‘order’ we call etiquette extends to the virtual world!

Fashion High has it’s own Emily PostMs. Cuffie

She has shared this awesome short video on Online Etiquette as we interact digitally through this time of remote learning



Instruction Via Video

As our distance learning starts in less then 2 days, ORDER will be needed to keep us on track. A new routine must be put in place and new habits must be created to come out of this successfully!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the parents that must juggle their multiple obligations along with now being primary educator, talk about being a ‘partner in learning’! May your children put into practice all of the good upbringing given to them till we get them back in the classroom!

Here goes:

1st – Good Work Space

2nd – Necessary Tools

3 – Preparing Half Scale Slopers

4 – Mind the Darts and Notches

5 – Slopers VS. Dressform

6 – How to access and use Google Hangout

7 – How to straighten a skirt

Stay Tuned for more in upcoming Blog posts!


Learning Continues outside the Classroom

As the entire country rallies together to flatten the curve against the COVID-19 crisis, million of our children’s education is now compromised.

Parents are doing their best to make sure their children, our future society’s members are safe and continue their learning from afar. Remote learning starts on Monday in NYC and NYC teachers are getting ready to roll out the digital learning we have been planning in such a short amount of time.

When the going gets tough, the TOUGH get going!

I for one am EXCITED to show my students that learning is possible even when you are not sitting in a classroom. I have a series of videos posted to my Instagram TV, very befitting username of msfashionteacher shows short clips that can be followed for their assignments.

I have found digital platforms and devices to be one of the greatest tools ever evolving in today’s society. Like all tools, they can be used for ‘good or evil’ and while evidence of the negative is prevalent, this is the time to show the world the wonders that can be achieved within the ‘virtual’ one.

While the world and the elected leaders try to figure out the chaos unfolding outside the safety of our homes, the rest of us must practice our civic duty and do all we can to stay home. As parents hold down the fort, I encourage our students to comply and cooperate with their parental figures and take care of their siblings, if they have them, help around the home, log on frequently to take care of their academic obligations and be mindful.

It’s hard being an adult at this time and a bit of kindness can go a long way

DO: stay safe and wash your hands regularly

DO: look out for the younger ones and elderly

DO: log on to Google Classroom and Jupiter Grades, as well as check your emails to be informed

DO: show and tell your parents how much you appreciate and love them