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Princess Line Bodice… How to Begin

As of now, you have created a bodice pattern with darts… Remember what a DART is? CLICK HERE! What if you DON’T want a dart? How about a PRINCESS?? What’s that, you ask? CLICK HERE! LET’s BEGIN the Princess DRAFT You will need:FRONT BODICE SLOPERBACK BODICE SLOPERPENCILERASERRULER and TWO SHEETS OF PAPER Remember to apply pressure to your slopers when tracing.. Then.. You will NEED to find the MIDDLE of…

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Grainlines Sample

You may have done this in your Sophomore Year…So it WILL BE EASY!!Do you have your 9″ x 9″ Square of Muslin? If you cut out 10″ by 10″ that’s OkAs long as it is COMPLETELY Squared, you’re good! View the VIDEO and FOLLOW the instructions… REWIND if you need to The images you are asked to take will need to be uploaded to your CLASS FOLDER AND GOOGLE CLASSROOM…

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Draping the Peg Skirt

Beginning the Skirt What next? …….. Draping And then… Going over your Marks Now to TRUE Next.. Pinning the Bodice to the Skirt Pinning dress to Halfscale Form And then there’s the HEM… And we’re Done!! HOW DOES IT LOOK?The goal is to create a pattern that is TRUE to your design

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Draping Demonstration on a Half Scale

In an effort to Lead by Example, I made a series of videos that can remind fashion students the process of draping PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 PART 6 TRUEING – Part 1 TRUEING – Part 2 TRUEING – Part 3 Pinning the Drape Together Finished Bodice Drape Onto draping the Skirt of the Dress….STAY TUNED

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Virtual Work Space for Seniors

Wish you had a table you can work on ONLINE?! Do you already have a virtual work space? If so, SHARE! What is it, where can we go to use it and of course, is it FREE? I found a great Virtual Program called MIRO where you can SPREAD OUT your work and work on it virtually! What do you think? I REALLY WANT TO GET YOUR INPUT!!We will be…