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Fashion Illustration Tutoring

If you are interested in fine tuning your Fashion Art skills OR you are a beginner and want to start, HSFI has an awesome alumni Fabian Salazar that offers Fashion Art lessons Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s and Thursday’s for Seniors needing help with their Portfolios. Fabian graduated 2016 and applied to FIT and Parsons and was accepted to both school’s. He is now a graduate of FIT and gives back to…

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Slopers to Download

For those out there that are interested in joining in the FUN!!Here are the Slopers you can download and PRINT!! Watch the blog post – PREPARING YOUR SLOPERS then apply that lesson and you are ready to go!! All files are 300 DPI and in PDF form

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Safety First – Welcome to 429!

Short Vid on ‘How to start your day in Room 429’ DON’T Mind the ZIT! It just had to make an appearance! Reminder, for everyone’s safety it is a must to handle your OWN tools. Sharing will not be encouraged as cross-contamination can affect your health. The only way to avoid this is….. WASHING your hands and Wearing your Mask!! I will also have disinfecting wipes to clean tools, surfaces…

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Etiquette when Online

A culture whose aim is civilized behavior must have a standardized procedure for social relationships… The “order” of a free society .. is created from logic with a dash of cooperative spirit. We should strive to be virtuous… Etiquette. They are the backbone of civilization. Even Hand – Long Live the Republic by Boyd White      pg. 27 And today this ‘order’ we call etiquette extends to the virtual world! Fashion…