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Posted on: December 11, 2018 Posted by: Rosa Isabel Chavez Comments: 1

Outside of our Comfort Zone

It has come to my attention how darkness is not always negative. Growth happens beneath the earth, in the absence of light, where seeds are sewn and the cultivating begins. The seedling cracks through with imagined pain in order to push through the dirt towards the sunlight in order to one day bare fruit or not.. the process is what is important to note. Like life we begin with small…

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New York City Teen FASHION Week

Many of our students enter our decades, almost century old institution with the dream of becoming a fashion designer as famous as Coco Chanel, or maybe humbly, a more modern designer like the ‘next’¬†Narciso Rodriguez. Whether it be either, both share the same beginnings of many of our students, they came from very little. After four years, our fashion design students take different routes. As their adolescent personalities discover more…

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Passing it ON..

This year marks our 3rd time in Florence.. Our students have invested their summers with Florence University of the Arts studying courses such as Florence Sketchbook, Italian Food & Wine, Italian Language, Retail and Hospitality.. This past summer three of our students were able to go thanks to FUA’s generosity. Their scholarship opportunities gave them the chance to have their ‘impossible’ turn into ‘possible’ and along with 7 other young…

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Say YES to the Dress??

But of course! This is the third year our students step into BRIDAL DESIGNER mode and design the gown of every little girl’s dreams!! Just TAKE a look at the TALENT¬†!!!!