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Posted on: December 12, 2020 Posted by: Rosa Isabel Chavez Comments: 0

The Basic Bodice

You may ask – ‘WHY DID WE START WITH THE SKIRT and not the TOP?‘ There is a simple answer – The SKIRT was SIMPLER!! Even if you may disagree. Patternmaking is the method of creating patterns for clothing. It is a craft that takes time to master and the best way to begin to understand it, or ANYTHING for that matter is to start in the most simplest of…

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Yoke Skirt with Gathers – DRAFT to PATTERN

This is the continuation of the creative skirt you began – The YOKE SKIRT with GATHERS The FIRST blog post contained videos of the draft… These are the videos of the process of turning those drafts into PATTERNS Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 The Back – Part 1 The Back – Part 2 Pinning your Pattern Together Voila!! Now lets see you do it!!

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Let’s talk about SKIRTS

When I was a student at FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY there was a series of skirts that we had to do in our Patternmaking class. The reason why SKIRTS were so much fun, it is because creating FUN skirts are easier to do with SLOPERS instead of the dressform. You can drape a skirt YET making a JIGSAW PUZZLE on a dressform is much more tedious. With your slopers, on…

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Starting with the BASIC SKIRT

Our first project in THIRD YEAR FASHION DESIGN is the Basic Skirt.. Traditionally it is done on the dressform, using style tape, pins, scissor, and muslin but thanks to Rona we are focusing on the other form of patternmaking … FLAT PATTERN Flat pattern requires the use of SLOPERS, pattern paper, pencils, ruler, scissors, pins, french curve, eraser and sharpener.. What do we need? What will it look like? Part…