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Virtual Work Space for Seniors

Wish you had a table you can work on ONLINE?! Do you already have a virtual work space? If so, SHARE! What is it, where can we go to use it and of course, is it FREE? I found a great Virtual Program called MIRO where you can SPREAD OUT your work and work on it virtually! What do you think? I REALLY WANT TO GET YOUR INPUT!!We will be…

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Fashion and Film

What are students doing in these times of remote learning? Watching TV of course! Therefore why not make that be a productive and learning experience, so here goes.. Remote Learning Assignment: Take on the role of a Costume Designer OR a Wardrobe Supervisor and pick a TV show, series or film and analyze the plot, story line, protagonists, antagonists, cast of characters, central topic as well as the moral of…

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Life of a Stylist

Remote Learning Assignment: Gauge your ability to dress appropriately for the occasion using your wardrobe to create different looks and document it in a Google Slide. This is basically the professional role of a stylist, serving their customers by combining separates and accessorizing that best fit their body. Create 5 different looks for 5 SEPARATE occasions. Each look will be on ONE slide. On each side, include the following: –…