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Fashion Illustration Tutoring

If you are interested in fine tuning your Fashion Art skills OR you are a beginner and want to start, HSFI has an awesome alumni Fabian Salazar that offers Fashion Art lessons Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s and Thursday’s for Seniors needing help with their Portfolios. Fabian graduated 2016 and applied to FIT and Parsons and was accepted to both school’s. He is now a graduate of FIT and gives back to…

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Smartphones ARE learning tools, now lets have regulation to back it up!

Teacher Leaders is a program sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers that seeks out to group instructors that are willing to research a topic within the world of education that urges attention. The goal is to bring these important matters to light, introduce them backed with data, findings and recommendations and finally ACTION. My topic? Why do Smartphones merit separate NYC DOE regulation? A survey was sent to ALL…

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Learning Continues outside the Classroom

As the entire country rallies together to flatten the curve against the COVID-19 crisis, million of our children’s education is now compromised. Parents are doing their best to make sure their children, our future society’s members are safe and continue their learning from afar. Remote learning starts on Monday in NYC and NYC teachers are getting ready to roll out the digital learning we have been planning in such a…

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Letter to my students

Dear student, You are embarking on the next four years of your young adult life and it will be scary. You are like a small seedling that has started to open up, under the earth, in the dark, finding its way to the light and it will not be easy. You will need water, the nutrients of the soil, and the right temperature in order to make that journey into…

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When you DON’T give them the Answer

When you want to know something, anything, you don’t wait for the answer to be handed to you..  You do what you must to obtain the answer. A question was posed and the tools were given; the students were challenged and work towards finding the ANSWER TOGETHER HOW TO CREATE A PAPER PATTERN FOR A BASIC SKIRT DRAPE, USING THE DATA GATHERED