Our SEVENTH ‘A’ on our Report Card




Florence University of the Arts at Fashion High

The Leather Workshop and Italian Buffet to remember for days to come!!

admteam cake HSFI cake caketop cartolina a city of many culinaryteam culinaryteamII culinaryteamIII dinnerisserved foodI foodII foodIII prep1 prep2 prep3 prep4 prep5 prep7 prep8presenting presentingII simangia simangiaancora simangiaII simangiaIII StilettoHSFI the menu waiting workshop1 workshop2 workshop3 workshop4 workshop5 workshop6 workshop7 workshop8 workshop9


The Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Sponsored Teen Design Fair was a HIT!!

and we were THERE!!!!!

The Teen Design Fair is aimed at introducing teens to Industry Professionals of a wide variety within the Arts, in order to expand their knowledge of what is out there!!

Sir Tim Gunn Mr. Tim Gunn – The Host himself!!

More Tim photo (8) photo (9) photo (10) photo (11) photo (14)

And the Colleges were….

FIT BostonSchoolofArchitecture SVA and of course Parsons School of Design!!

Thank you all for coming, See you NEXT YEARS TEEN DESIGN FAIR!!

****Click on the link above to learn more about the Youth Programs they offer**** ALL FREE!!!!



Beginning the transformation

Draping is the art of converting a Two dimensional design into an actual pattern using Muslin and a Dressform.


To those that follow their dreams.. Everything is possible

This young man graduated a couple of years ago and now his designs are donned on the MTV’s VMA Red Carpet

Nathaniel White – NeNeLaShiro

VMA Red Carpet GownCONGRATULATIONS – You make us Very PROUD!!

Golden Needle Winners
Class of 2011 – Golden Needle Award Winners for Bridal Category
Designer Nathaniel White and Tailor Philomen Gregg 

What your FASHION DOLLARS can Buy!!!!!!


Fashion Dollar

KNICKS Bookmark


KNICKS Sticker








WWD T-Shirt


HSFI Water bottle






HSFI Fashion Bag


Brown Wood Belt


HSFI Scarf


NYSC Daily Gym Pass


Fashion Show Bag


Art Photo 8″x10″ Presentation Book


Assorted Books


Heritage Easel Mini


Yearbooks 2013


Whole Foods Gift Card


HSFI Flash Drive


Monthly Pass to VIP Lounge


Student Designed T-Shirt


Portfolio Case


HSFI Sweatshirt


Song For Playlist


NYSC Weekly Gym Pass


Lunch With Principal


Joseph Ribkoff Dress (Designer)


Principal for A Day


Private Lunch Pass to lounge for 10 students


Assorted Apparel


Assorted School Supplies




so you can

INVEST Them!!!

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