Fashion and Film

What are students doing in these times of remote learning? Watching TV of course!

Therefore why not make that be a productive and learning experience, so here goes..

Remote Learning Assignment:

Take on the role of a Costume Designer OR a Wardrobe Supervisor and pick a TV show, series or film and analyze the plot, story line, protagonists, antagonists, cast of characters, central topic as well as the moral of the story.

In a separate Google Slide or PowerPoint include designs YOU would design for the key characters and explain the WHY of  the look.

Ms. Chavez chose one of her favorite films – ‘To Sir, With Love’ – TEMPLATE GIVEN

And here are the results:


Michelle F. – POSE


Designs for Characters




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My students are AMAZING!!


Life of a Stylist

Remote Learning Assignment:

Gauge your ability to dress appropriately for the occasion using your wardrobe to create different looks and document it in a Google Slide.

This is basically the professional role of a stylist, serving their customers by combining separates and accessorizing that best fit their body.
Create 5 different looks for 5 SEPARATE occasions. Each look will be on ONE slide.
On each side, include the following:
– The occasion you are dressing for – EX: Night on the town, Sunday Brunch, Party at the Club, Hangout with Friends, etc.
– 1 example (image) researched from the net that BEST FITS the occasion
– Image(s) of YOUR LOOK put together using YOUR wardrobe pieces, accessories, etc.
– TEXT describing the occasion and the look you put together
– Last slide will be bibliography of images

And OF COURSE LEAD BY EXAMPLE – Ms. Chavez as a stylist

And here are the results:

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My students are AMAZING!!

Etiquette when Online

A culture whose aim is civilized behavior must have a standardized procedure for social relationships… The “order” of a free society .. is created from logic with a dash of cooperative spirit. We should strive to be virtuous… Etiquette. They are the backbone of civilization.

Even Hand – Long Live the Republic by Boyd White      pg. 27

And today this ‘order’ we call etiquette extends to the virtual world!

Fashion High has it’s own Emily PostMs. Cuffie

She has shared this awesome short video on Online Etiquette as we interact digitally through this time of remote learning



Instruction Via Video

As our distance learning starts in less then 2 days, ORDER will be needed to keep us on track. A new routine must be put in place and new habits must be created to come out of this successfully!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the parents that must juggle their multiple obligations along with now being primary educator, talk about being a ‘partner in learning’! May your children put into practice all of the good upbringing given to them till we get them back in the classroom!

Here goes:

1st – Good Work Space

2nd – Necessary Tools

3 – Preparing Half Scale Slopers

4 – Mind the Darts and Notches

5 – Slopers VS. Dressform

6 – How to access and use Google Hangout

7 – How to straighten a skirt

Stay Tuned for more in upcoming Blog posts!


Learning Continues outside the Classroom

As the entire country rallies together to flatten the curve against the COVID-19 crisis, million of our children’s education is now compromised.

Parents are doing their best to make sure their children, our future society’s members are safe and continue their learning from afar. Remote learning starts on Monday in NYC and NYC teachers are getting ready to roll out the digital learning we have been planning in such a short amount of time.

When the going gets tough, the TOUGH get going!

I for one am EXCITED to show my students that learning is possible even when you are not sitting in a classroom. I have a series of videos posted to my Instagram TV, very befitting username of msfashionteacher shows short clips that can be followed for their assignments.

I have found digital platforms and devices to be one of the greatest tools ever evolving in today’s society. Like all tools, they can be used for ‘good or evil’ and while evidence of the negative is prevalent, this is the time to show the world the wonders that can be achieved within the ‘virtual’ one.

While the world and the elected leaders try to figure out the chaos unfolding outside the safety of our homes, the rest of us must practice our civic duty and do all we can to stay home. As parents hold down the fort, I encourage our students to comply and cooperate with their parental figures and take care of their siblings, if they have them, help around the home, log on frequently to take care of their academic obligations and be mindful.

It’s hard being an adult at this time and a bit of kindness can go a long way

DO: stay safe and wash your hands regularly

DO: look out for the younger ones and elderly

DO: log on to Google Classroom and Jupiter Grades, as well as check your emails to be informed

DO: show and tell your parents how much you appreciate and love them


Letter to my students

Dear student,

You are embarking on the next four years of your young adult life and it will be scary.

You are like a small seedling that has started to open up, under the earth, in the dark, finding its way to the light and it will not be easy.

You will need water, the nutrients of the soil, and the right temperature in order to make that journey into the light less strenuous.

You may get more water, or no water, less nutrients or none at all and the temperature may rise at times or not at all. But unlike a seedling which will not survive when all of those things radically change, you CAN and will.

You already have been through storms that you thought you couldn’t weather and you’re here.

You may still be going through battles where you are the lone soldier on the battle field and you’re here.

And it will NOT get any easier. I have been told and have experienced that NOTHING worth having IS EASY.

You will come into your own and in these four years you will begin to decide who you are or who you want to become. You will experience deceit, betrayal, ridicule, embarrassment, envy, rage, isolation, anxiety, sadness, rejection, pain and a whole other myriad of feelings that could overwhelm you but won’t because they will pass as all feelings do. What you must remember is to learn from each and every one of these feelings because they will prepare you for the next part of your journey towards adulthood.

And then there’s us, the adults in the building on the sidelines.

We are listening, observing, witnessing, assisting, empathizing, guarding, counseling, providing, offering, servicing, feeding, trusting, praising, and teaching you.

Some of us are the water you need to grow, while some of our lessons can be the nutrients you need to evolve. And some of us can be the temperature you need to ignite your motivation.

Most of us remember what it was like to be your age. Most of us remember the rocky road, the highs and lows, the needing to be liked and accepted, and the struggle it is ‘growing up’. And today we decide to be the adult we wish we had when we were your age because today we know better. And this means saying ‘No’, even when you want to hear ‘yes’.

Today, as adults we understand that not everything you want is good for you, not everything you do becomes you, not everything you say, must be said. There will always be exceptions to rules, yet the rules must be explore and respected. This too will prepare you for the next part of your journey into adulthood. Cause even we as adults, have rules to abide by.

Every no does not mean we do not love you. It means we are doing yet another thing in the building, we are PROTECTING you.

As your stem breaks through the earth, remember it’s like stepping into the light. With each passing day, every obstacle you overcome, every lesson learned, every struggle you endure can only make you stronger. It can be as if you’re leaving the dark, if you allow joy, pride, happiness, generosity, compassion, patience and self-love to be worth MORE than the bad feelings.

May your roots embed themselves on firm convictions and the lessons learned in this building assist you in other spaces.

Grow to become the adult you aspire to be.



Ms. Chavez

Outside of our Comfort Zone

It has come to my attention how darkness is not always negative. Growth happens beneath the earth, in the absence of light, where seeds are sewn and the cultivating begins.

The seedling cracks through with imagined pain in order to push through the dirt towards the sunlight in order to one day bare fruit or not.. the process is what is important to note. Like life we begin with small steps familiar to all, lived by all, from the first breath to the first failure, whatever that may be, yet the important thing is to keep going.

This happens every day and the more it is done, the more it is the norm. So what if the predestined road was not your route to your destination? What if you are destined for more than what you were told?

How do we, with fear step outside of our comfort zone?

I began my journey in my young adult years, BELIEVING I was going to teach at an early age. That wasn’t the case, a catastrophic failure took me outside of my comfort zone and I went as far as moving to the other side of the world to get away from all that was familiar, yet teaching happened to still be my destination, it just took more LIVING in order to become a better teacher.

Today I subconsciously surround myself with this unique sort of people, the Webster dictionary classifies them as entrepreneurs. They dare to not only see themselves in a different light, they enter it, they absorb it, like the seedling that needs it to grow. They use it like nourishment and grow. They fulfill their purpose and by doing so, they allow the community to grow.

I have joined this one truly remarkable entity that has as its mission to be a fueling agent between designers and tangible success. Black Fashion World seeks to be the connection of knowledge, resources, and a networking web for primarily under served, underrepresented, unsung Black and Brown designers. In a multi-million dollar industry, only 1% of the designers fit that group and according to BFW’s founder Carla Nelson, ‘It is time to be part of the solution.’

April Walker of Walker Wear is a legend and a fitting example of entrepreneurial success. She shared her insightful wisdom as the guest speaker to a cocktail fundraiser for BFW in Harlem’s Mintons Playhouse with like minded guests that are a part of the solution. The guest list had established designer’s such as Mr. Wilbur Pack, Jr. of SKWilbur to budding ones, like FIRST IMPRESSIONS, Taide Argelia, whom stepped out of her comfort zone, teaching what she lives for, Fashion. Fashion High hated to see her go, yet how can we stand by and not encourage the growth of one of our own, when this is what we preach and encourage in our youth?

I must say, thanks to those that can dive into the unknown, with inherent fearlessness and tenacious drive, to the complacent, they serve as the much needed example..

the needed push..

the needed nudge..

to step outside of our comfort zone.

BFW April Walker-Carla Nelson

BFW CEO Carla Nelson

BFW April Walker

April Walker

BFW April Walker-ChatBFW April Walker-Audience

BFW April Walker-WilburandVelvet

Wilbur and Velvet

BFW April Walker-NelsonandBroadbelt

Evelyn and Taide

DON’T : Follow the more traveled path towards growth

DO : Dare to discover your PURPOSE

New York City Teen FASHION Week

Many of our students enter our decades, almost century old institution with the dream of becoming a fashion designer as famous as Coco Chanel, or maybe humbly, a more modern designer like the ‘next’ Narciso Rodriguez. Whether it be either, both share the same beginnings of many of our students, they came from very little.

After four years, our fashion design students take different routes. As their adolescent personalities discover more and more about their own identities, they may decide, justly so, that Fashion as a career is not for them. Some may realize that they are creative yet not in the needle trades, or some may decide to explore another field completely different from the one they began. Such is the story of HSFI Alumnus Tiffany Barlow, whose interest started in Fashion Merchandising and now is studying Pre Law.

Yet for the few, whom for which Fashion High only served as the ignition to their passion for Fashion Design, these four years are ONLY THE BEGINNING!

At Fashion High those few are in their blissful surroundings, their second home, encircled by kindred spirits that understand what they feel, because they love what they love and to see them at work, from an adults perspective can inspire hope in humanity. The vicious competition that stenches the industry has not set in, their adolescent need to want to belong and loved propels them to help each other.

Its a hopeful sight in today’s malicious world.

And just imagine, aside from all they learn, the peaks they can climb towards their final elevation, when their High School introduces them to a professional Fashion Show just for Teens! and showcased the same weeks as New York Fashion Week!

Eight of our Seniors did just that!








& Lashira

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DO – Pursue your Passion with FERVOR

Don’t – Believe that it’s too late nor that you have all of the time in the world