Guest Speakers add a wealth of knowledge

As a teacher, I try the best I can to give my students MORE.

Whether it be trips to interesting places that enrich their learning, like the MET, or introducing them to books that can further their understanding, inviting professionals that can advise, motivate and inspire our students is a must in any classroom. The challenge is to find the few that are willing to give back, if only to sit in a class of eager students to share a bit of their wisdom.

Meet FIT‘s Fashion Illustration Professor Renaldo Barnette

It was my honor to have him as my fashion illustration professor when I was a student at FIT and now that I am a teacher I invited him to meet my students and give them a little bit of his wisdom.




Safety First!

In a Fashion Shop, Safety is Necessary!

Since the beginning of our school, back in 1926, the shop safety rules have been taught and tested in paper, quiz format.

Today, as we live in the digital age, Fashion students not only study the safety rules, they reenact them!

They are the actors of their own knowledge and teach the viewer the right way and the wrong way to follow the safety rules of a Fashion shop class.

This is a movie made of Sophomores and Juniors that took the safety rules LIVE!!

Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorials

Digital Fashion Design can be amazing yet mastering the Adobe Illustrator program can be challenging!!

I have prepared a couple of video tutorials

to help you with perfecting your skill at using the most important tool in

Adobe Illustrator – THE PEN TOOL

Click on any of the links below and watch the tutorial – ENJOY!!