A Junior on his way to Stardom

You don’t know who

Fabian Salazar Romero

is, but one day you will

He is a Junior with a lot of talent

and what old timers refer to as Gumption

He participated in this years Brooklyn Fashion Week

and FLOORED the audience!


Fashion’s Boutique – FLY

When we SOAR, we SOAR!

Fashion’s Business & Marketing and Visual Merchandising Departments gave Fashion Highs Boutique a look that welcomed it to the new millennium!

Granted, we are 14 years in but it was WELL WORTH the WAIT!

The students of the Visual Merchandising Department created the floor plans and executed the aesthetics of the store, while the Business & Marketing Department has taken charge of the merchandise sold along with everything PROFIT!

Talk about a way to implement curriculum to the REAL WORLD!

Students earn Fashion Dollars through Positive Behavior

and through their digital bank accounts, spend their money on great gifts,

such as clothing, shoes, make-up, accessories and more!

Learning to Critique – Peer Evaluation

I tend to teach my student INDEPENDENCE.

The majority of them are already, yet when it comes to trusting their knowledge, they tend to call on me – (hands up) Ms. CHAVEZ!! Can you help me?

I sometimes joke I should change my name, from the constant repetition

Ms. CHAvez – Ms. CHAVEZ – Ms. ChaVEZ.

Ladies! I interject, trust what you have learned. You can’t go around questioning yourselves. You must learn to be your own judge and jury.

Learn to be constructively critical and develop an eye that can detect what is wrong without anyone else having to tell you.

This is Independence, the ability to make and learn from your mistakes.

2014-10-29 12.39.51 2014-10-29 12.43.03 2014-10-29 12.43.24 2014-10-29 12.44.17 2014-10-29 12.44.28 2014-10-29 12.44.36

DO: Develop your critical eye

DO: Learn from your mistakes

Florence University of the Arts, making Italy a reality

When speaking of Back-Packing through Europe, it seems like it can only be a reality for some and I have made it my personal mission to encourage our students to believe that ANYTHING can be their reality, they only have to WANT IT BAD ENOUGH and of course WORK HARD FOR IT.

In my travels abroad I have had the wonderful destined privilege of crossing paths with amazing people and one of them is Gabriella Ganugi, founder of Florence University of the Arts.

This year marks the second time they visit our school to introduce the very possible experience of studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Their culinary program, in collaboration with the Apicius School had a team of students that took over our student cafeteria and created a 4 course Tuscan banquet for our students and staff.

The students were introduced to ‘Food Styling’. Pastry Chef Simone from Tutto Toscana presented a themed demonstration ‘Metamorphosis’. Students witnessed the transformation of ingredients that made their way to plates that presented tasty desserts.

2014-10-21 16.00.40 2014-10-21 16.14.34 2014-10-21 16.15.13 2014-10-21 16.20.11 2014-10-21 16.22.56 2014-10-21 16.35.37 2014-10-21 16.40.41 2014-10-21 16.48.11 2014-10-21 17.05.35 2014-10-21 17.05.47 2014-10-21 17.05.53 2014-10-21 17.07.12 2014-10-21 17.09.28 2014-10-21 17.12.15-1 2014-10-21 17.13.47 2014-10-21 17.15.11 2014-10-21 17.15.41 2014-10-21 17.16.08 2014-10-21 17.17.48 2014-10-21 17.18.40 2014-10-21 17.19.06 2014-10-21 17.21.04 2014-10-21 17.21.44 2014-10-21 17.22.17 2014-10-21 17.43.31 2014-10-21 17.44.01 2014-10-21 17.44.07 2014-10-21 17.44.28 2014-10-21 17.44.32 2014-10-21 17.44.41 2014-10-21 17.52.10 2014-10-21 18.01.45 2014-10-21 18.05.19 2014-10-21 18.06.33 2014-10-21 18.40.29 2014-10-21 18.40.36 2014-10-21 18.46.54

Fashion High goes to the White House


along with other Fashion Curriculum Based

High Schools from around the United States were invited Wednesday, October 8th

to the WHITE HOUSE, by first Lady Michelle Obama.

The Fashion Education Workshop

included prominent figures of the Fashion Industry, such as

ANNA WINTOUR, Editor in Chief of VOGUE

Designers such as

Diane Von Furstenberg

Liliana Vasquez

Zac Posen


Jason Wu.

It has been a privilege for us to attend such a special event that highlights the craft we teach our youngsters. To have our government recognize all that we do and invite our students to the historical home that has seen so many influential and respectable figures pass through its halls, is an opportunity that we are deeply thankful for. It gives us a new found level of respect for what we do daily and dares us to raise the bar even further, when it comes to the expectations we have for our students.

Thank you for everything, and everyone that has contributed to making this possible. From the administrators that run a tight ship, to the teachers that go the extra mile to instruct, to the passion and dedication that flows from our students.