And the Winners ARE!!!!…….

On that beautiful Saturday morning, EIGHT amazing creative Designs were hung to the gate of PS 11 in Chelsea.

Passerbys came and went and gazed at the sartorial creations that flapped in the wind. They were all made from everyday materials such as plastic bags, plastic streamers, paper toilet rolls, magazines, newspaper, cardboard and even old CDs and buttons.

‘Vote for your favorite one! Say Yes to the Dress!’ cried Ms. Dahill, our librarian, to the Chelsea residents that slowed down. She convinced many to vote and after 300 votes, this was the tally..

1st PLACE – DEANNELYS CORCINO CRUZ – FRESHMEN : The design is one I am proud to add, I assisted in executing. Deannelys came to my classroom for assistance on how to make a garment made completely out of cardboard. With little guidance, she went on to create an awesome fit and flared cage, made of cardboard and tape, then covered in newspaper and magazine. She then decorated it with old CD’s and buttons! Genius!

CD Dress

2nd PLACE – MILANDY MOSQUERA – FRESHMEN : This perfect little sheath made of plastic was decorated using woven streamers. Blue, black and white were the perfect trio to represent this woven delight.

Plastic Streamer Dress

3rd PLACE – NYESHA LEE BARROW – SOPHOMORE : Coming in Last but not Least was this dual material artistic creation. Magazine and Toilet Rolls were used to bring this one to life. The colored pages accentuate the bodice whilst the curled out toilet rolls add volume to the skirt.

Magazine and Toilet Roll Dress

It brings me joy to know that our FRESHMEN are becoming a vital part of our school community. Their creativity is beginning to shine through and they are beginning to make a name for themselves.

Next – They will be walking down the runway at our Variety Show!!

Go strong, future class of 2017!!!!

Recyclable Designers

Its becoming more evident that we need more than Earth Day to make us aware that we need to take care of our planet. The things we know as landfills are quickly reaching their limits and recycling must become our first priority if we want to leave our planet to future generations.

As future designers what can we do? How can Fashion Care?

At Fashion we are dedicated to this cause. We know how valuable our environment is and we gather to promote ideas that will inform others how we can save our Planet.

Fashion Cares is a club that serves to enlighten our students about how they can use volunteering and community service as a tool for making our world a better place.

So what did Fashion Cares collaborate with this time around? With the Chelsea Community Composting Project – Community members came to drop off their old pumpkins to recycle for composting and Word Spread about our Recyclable Design!

2013-11-02 12.00.14 2013-11-02 11.43.13 Composting Project

Students showed off their creativity by designing and making garments made totally out of items that people use everyday!!

CD Dress This Design was executed by a Freshmen Student!! Made completely out of cardboard, newspaper, and old CD’s. You’re Never too young or New to participate in whats going on in your School!!!

Straws DressThis design is made completely out of Straws!!!

Gift Wrap DressThis design is made out of old gift-wrapping paper! Amazing!

Shower Curtain DressThis design is made out of an old Shower Curtain; how creative!! Plastic Streamer Dress This design is made completely out of plastic streamers. The designer used a woven technique!!Magazine and Toilet Roll Dress This design is made out of magazine clippings and the skirt is made out of Toilet Paper Rolls! Genius!!

Shopping Bag DressThis design is made out of old shopping bags from ‘The Childrens Place’. One passerby said ‘I would totally wear that!!’

NYTimes DressThis Design belongs to a Senior student!!

Residents of the community and passerby’s voted on their favorite

Residents Fashionable Lady

Let’s see who will win the Grand Prize!! To Be Announced Soon!!!